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Annual Harbor District Meeting in Shelter Cove

On Friday, June 9th the Humboldt Bay Harbor District trekked down to Shelter Cove for a meeting of their board of commissioners. While this meeting included regular District business related to Humboldt Bay, large portions were dedicated to issues in the Cove.

Laura, from our team, presented the fishing community sustainability planning project. Although the commissioners have seen this item before at a Eureka meeting, it was the first time for a lot of folks in Shelter Cove. Later on, the Harbor District showed the plans for upgrades to the property they lease near the boat launch. They also delved into possible rate increases, approving a small change in storage fees and pushing other items off until next year once the community has had more time to consider what would work for those who fish in the Cove.

Our project staff has begun doing interviews with fishing community stakeholders. If you're interested in being interviewed, please contact us!